Composite Riders

  • RBC mandates “Team Only” participation in stage races for men and women
  • Your information will be posted on this composite team web page so other racers or teams can contact you.
  • Members of Composite Teams must bring a release from their sponsored team to registration
  • Members of a Composite Team must wear the same jersey
  • Promoter will not assist in forming Composite Teams
  • 5 entries maximum for your Race History

Send an e-mail to with your name, sex, category, and a BRIEF listing of your recent racing history. YOUR DATA WILL BE ENTERED ON THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE. No attachments will be accepted!


Jose Reyes Aguilera Garciasbrown6006@aol.comMale12018 Ontario Ice Breaker 5th
2018 Santa Barbara County RR 5th
2017 State Champion of Baja California Mexico Elite 1st
2017 Rosena Ranch 1st
2017 San Luis Rey 4th
Omar Andres Aguilera Garciasbrown6006@aol.comMale12018 Ontario Ice Breaker 2nd
2018 Rosena Ranch 7th
2017 San Luis Rey 3rd
2017 Rosena Ranch 4th
2017 State Champion of Baja California Sub 23
Jeffrey Alan Buscheckjbuscheck@ucdavis.eduMale12018, Bariani Road Race, 4th Place P12
2017, Red Kite Racing Series, 1st Place Omnium P12
2016, San Ardo Road Race, 2nd Place P12
2018, Cal Aggie Criterium, 2nd Place P12
2017, Henleyville Road Race, 2nd P12
Spencer Seggebruchsseggeb@gmail.comMale1La Primavera Lago Vista - 6th
Joe Martin Stage Race 1/2 - 3rd Overall
Joe Martin Stage Race 1/2 - 2nd Time trial
Joe Martin Stage Race 1/2 - 3rd Stage 2
Couple top 20s @ PRT races.
Ama Nsekamacnsek@gmail.comMale12nd - 2018 Tour de Murrieta Crit
1st - KOM Competition at the Tour de L'Abitibi
1st - 2017 California Road Race State Championships
2nd - Omnium 2017 Tour of America's Dairyland
1st - 2017 Valley of the Sun Crit
William (Willie) Rauswillieraus@gmail.comMale2Wards Ferry Road Race Cat P1/2: 2nd
OTF Stage Race Cat P1/2: 3rd
UCLA Road Race Cat P1/2: 7th
CBR Crit Cat 2: 2nd
Chico SR Road Race Cat 2: 6th
Miguel Santillanesmikesantillanes1993@gmail.comMale12017
8th Place Valley of the Sun Road Race PRO/1
10th Place Valley of the Sun GC PRO/1
3rd Place Hotter N' Hell Hundred Road Race PRO1/2

6th Place Valley of The sun Road Race PRO/1
2nd Place Tucson Bicycle Classic Road Race PRO/1
Sawyer Curriesawyer.currie@gmail.comMale11st Texas State crit
1st Tulsa Tough
2nd Tour of Austin
2nd Oklahoma City Pro-Am Classic
4th Joe Martin crit
John Purvisjohnnydpurvis@gmail.comMale1Joe Martin 1/2 - 5th GC
Tulsa Tough PRT Pro/1 Day 2- 19th
North Star GP - 17th Overall
North Star GP Stage 5 - 14th
USA Elite Nats Crit - 14th
Stephen Pedonepedonestephen@gmail.comMale13rd place pursuit - UCI Tandem Track World Championships.
1st 2017-2018 tandem track pursuit national championships
1st- 2017 Arizona state 40k TT
Domestique at PRT Tour races
Brandon Bakerbbake934@gmail.comMale12018 Rosana ranch 4th
2018 San Dimus Road race 6th
2017 San Ardo Road race 2nd
2017 Ladera ranch State Crit Champs 2nd
Christina Birchchristinambirch@gmail.comFemale22017 San Dimas Road Race 3rd
2017 San Dimas Crit 3rd
2017 Individual Pursuit National Champ
2016 Redlands Crit 5th
2016 4x SoCal Crit 1st places