SPNDX Stampede Gravel Ride – SUNDAY, APRIL 26TH

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What’s with the Name?

The SPNDX Stampede began in 2014 as a road style fondo but we quickly realized the more fun was held with Gravel. Beginning in 2015 all SPNDX Stampede’s were transitioned into #GravelParties and we have not looked back. Leave the seriousness at home and come have some fun regardless if you’re a weekend warrior, new to gravel or an experienced pro.

Give me some details about the ride…

The SPNDX Stampede looks to offer a shorter yet still challenging ride. All Stampede’s are in the in the 45-mile range with primarily being made up of off-road/gravel terrain. This is no death march or bucket list event as we would rather you have enough energy post ride to hang out, enjoy yourself and not need to rush home to pass out in bed. The ride is not timed so no need to know what place you got. We prefer the more laid back, organized approach where you can hammer out a few sections of the ride if you choose to but hang out at the rest stops and regroup with everyone. Chat with our volunteers they’re awesome!

How much does it cost and what do I get?

The SPNDX Stampede costs $95 per entry. With that cost you will have a very well-marked course and hopefully you download the GPS route, so you have no issues at all! Multiple fully stocked rest stops during the ride. Once finishing you will be greeted with an amazing post ride meal, a beer to wash it down and live music to jam out to. We particularly like to make sure you go home with something awesome and always try to out due ourselves with the custom unicorn swag that each participant receives.

The Stampede is limited to 350 riders.