Legends Award

Amber Neben

After 25 years as one of America’s premier stage races and many of cycling’s biggest stars blazing its streets on their way to stardom; an idea was born. The “Legends” award, established in 2007, honors a past RBC athlete who has embodied enduring class, sportsmanship, and character throughout their career. Created in the spirit and long traditions that make the community of Redlands historic, the “Legends” award is given to a rider who represents all the best attributes of a professional cyclist, both on and off the bike, and contributes to the sport in a positive way. Just as Redlands’ rich history is paid tribute to in historic buildings and monuments throughout the city, The Redlands Bicycle Classic has established its own monument that recognizes its history. The RBC “Legends” award symbolizes and honors the many talented participants that have made this event truly ‘Legendary’.


2007Thurlow Rogers
2008Scott Moninger
2009Christine Thorburn
2010Ron Kiefel
2011David Bailey
2012Davis Phinney
2013Kristin Armstrong
2014Gord Fraser
2015Mari Holden
2016Derek Bouchard-Hall
2017Mara Abbott
2018Chris Horner
2019Amber Neben