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2000 Winning Results

MEN: Chris Horner started perhaps the closest thing to a dynasty run at the Redlands Bicycle Classic. Winning for Team Mercury, the energetic cyclist had himself quite a showdown. He won, but not by much. The victory margin was so small, it would’ve taken a microscope an hour to focus on the tiniest of differences. It was even tinier than that. Horner beat Colorado/7-Up’s David Zabriskie by virtue of a Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) rule that uses a hundredths of a second difference in the street sprint prologue and individual time trial. Horner got the yellow jersey after the riders completed the six days in 11 hours, 8 minutes and 59 seconds. He cashed in on the top prizes offered among the $29,975, counting the $2,000 for the yellow jersey.

Top Finishers:
1. Chris Horner, Mercury
2. David Zabriskie, Colorado/7-Up, same time (Horner won on criteria)
3. Trent Klasna, Saturn, 0:13

Stage Winners:

– Prologue (street sprint) – Todd Littlehales
– Stage 1 (51-mile circuit race) – Clark Sheehan, Colorado/7-Up
– Stage 2 (10-mile time trial) – Dylan Casey, U.S. Postal Service
– Stage 3 (93-mile road race) – Trent Klasna, Saturn
– Stage 4 (90-minute criterium) – Sylvain Beauchamp, Shaklee
– Stage 5 (88-mile road race) – Trent Klasna, Saturn

Team Champion: Saturn

WOMEN: Alison Dunlap took on Saturn’s top gun, Lyne Bessette, and won the six-stage event for Team GT without the benefit of a team. Though she got some support from other cyclists, Dunlap proved she was strongest in the field. Dunlap struck and struck and struck. Saturn had no answer for the sensational mountain bike cyclist. The women’s races were worth just short of $20,000.

Top Finishers:
1. Alison Dunlap, Team GT
2. Lyne Bessette, Saturn, 1:35
3. Leigh Hobson, Charles Schwab, 2:00

Stage Winners:
– Prologue (street sprint) – Nicole Reinhart, Saturn
– Stage 1 (37-mile circuit race) – Dunlap
– Stage 2 (10-mile time trial) – Dunlap
– Stage 3 (66-mile road race) – Caroline Alexander, Great Britain National Team
– Stage 4 (1-hour criterium) – Petra Rossner, Saturn
– Stage 5 (52-mile road race) – Clara Hughes, Saturn

Team Champion: Saturn

2001 Winning Results

MEN: Trent Klasna beat a true international field. Redlands became affiliated with the Union Cycliste Internationale, which helped load the field with European-based teamsincluding Mapei-Quick Step, Gerolsteiner, and others. Team Saturn was ready. So was Mercury. Redlands, making its debut at the Mount Rubidoux Time Trials, drew a small but somewhat curious local crowd in the older section of Riverside.

Top Finishers:
1. Trent Klasna, Saturn
2. Chris Horner, Mercury, 1:54
3. Roland Green, U.S. Postal, 2:28

Stage Winners:

– Prologue (3.1-mile time trial) – Green
– Stage 1 (99-mile road race) – Gord Fraser, Mercury
– Stage 2 (10-mile time trial) – Green
– Stage 3 (102-mile road race) – Klasna
– Stage 4 (90-minute criterium) – Horner
– Stage 5 (88-mile road race) – Levi Leipheimer, U.S. Postal

Team Champion: Mercury

WOMEN: Genevieve Jeanson, legs churning hard, was the recipient of a crash that involved her closest and strongest rival, Lyne Bessette. The Saturn rider, along with teammate Ina Teutenberg, were wiped out in a finish-line crash at the line of a road race in Highland. Jeanson, in theory, had no one close to her racing legs that week. Saturn did its best to keep up with the flow, but Kimberly Bruckner – second for the week – couldn’t overcome the young Canadian. Four-time Olympic gold medalist Jeannie Longo was in the field, but the French superstar had yet to hit mid-season form. She didn’t make a single appearance on the podium.

Top Finishers:
1. Genevieve Jeanson, Rona
2. Kimberly Bruckner, Saturn
3. Alison Dunlap, Team GT

Stage Winners:
– Prolog (3.1-mile time trial) – Jeanson
– Stage 1 (43-mile road race) – Nicole Freedman, Credit Suisse
– Stage 2 (12-mile time trial) – Jeanson
– Stage 3 (77-mile road race) – Jeanson
– Stage 4 (60-minute criterium) – Katrina Berger, 800.com
– Stage 5 (62-mile road race) – Jeanson

Team Champion: Autotrader.com

2002 Winning Results

MEN: Horner’s team, Mercury, had disbanded, which left some top cyclists scrambling for other teams. Horner, meanwhile, wound up on the roster of Prime Alliance with a number of younger cyclists. When the final event concluded, Horner tipped his cap to the younger riders on his team. Saying he used them until they reached the maximum potential, Horner walked away wearing yellow – again.

Top Finishers:
1. Chris Horner, Prime Alliance
2. Roland Green, Canadian National, 0:40
3. Soren Peterson, Saturn, 1:10

Stage Winners:
– Prologue (3.1-mile time trial) – Horner
– Stage 1 (40-mile circuit race) – Horner
– Stage 2 (92-mile road race) – Green
– Stage 3 (90-minute criterium) – Charles Dionne, 7-Up/Nutra Fig
– Stage 4 (88-mile road race) – Harm Jansen, Saturn

Team Champion: Saturn

WOMEN: Saturn had a plan to knock off previous year’s winner, Genevieve Jeanson. Mission accomplished. Key to the ascension was that rugged climb up to Oak Glen, taken on the Classic’s third day, a 53-miler. Arndt won by plenty, thus virtually sealing the yellow jersey. Two days later, she came back to whip the field in a 42-mile road race that Jeanson had won convincingly one year earlier.

Top Finishers:
1. Judith Arndt, Saturn
2. Genevieve Jeanson, Rona, 10:30
3. Andrea Hannos, Rona, 11:57

Stage Winners:
– Prolog (3.1-mile time trial) – Jeanson
– Stage 1 (34-mile circuit race) – Jeanson
– Stage 2 (53-mile road race) – Arndt
– Stage 3 (60-minute criterium) – Nicole Freedman, Rona
– Stage 4 (42-mile road race) – Arndt

Team Champion: Saturn

2003 Winning Results

MEN: With his third team in three years, Chris Horner made it two yellow jerseys in a row while riding for the USA’s strongest domestic team. In the absence of Division I U.S. Postal Service, Saturn came with Horner, Trent Klasna and Tom Danielson – the eventual 1-2-3 finishers at the 19th Annual Classic.

Top Finishers:
1. Chris Horner, Saturn
2. Nathan O’Neill; Saturn, 0:03
3. Tom Danielson, Saturn, 0:43

Stage Winners:
– Prologue (3.1-mile time trial) – Nathan O’Neill, Saturn
– Stage 1 (60-mile circuit race) – Gord Fraser, Health Net
– Stage 2 (92-mile road race) – O’Neill
– Stage 3 (63-mile circuit race) – John Lieswyn, 7-Up
– Stage 4 (90-minute criterium) – Charles Dionne, Saturn
– Stage 5 (road race) – Tom Danielson, Saturn

Team Champion: Saturn

WOMEN: Genevieve Jeanson was back in form. Judith Arndt, the winner in 2002, had left Saturn, which left the USA’s top team without a rider to challenge the usually form-perfect Jeanson of Team Rona. Finishing up in third was a rider, Manon Jutras, who had ridden with Jeanson’s Rona team one year before. Now she was the second Saturn cyclist to reach the victory podium, alongside teammate Lyne Bessette.

Top Finishers:
1. Genevieve Jeanson, Team Rona
2. Lyne Bessette, Saturn, 12:52
3. Manon Jutras, Saturn, 12:56

Stage Winners:
– Prologue (3.1-mile time trial) – Jeanson
– Stage 1 (34-mile circuit race) – Ina Teutenberg, Saturn
– Stage 2 (74-mile road race) – Jeanson
– Stage 3 (63-mile circuit race) – Jeanson
– Stage 4 (60-minute criterium) – Teutenberg
– Stage 5 (road race) – Jeanson

Team Champion: Team Rona

2004 Winning Results

MEN: The 20th Anniversary of the Redlands Bicycle Classic saw a familiar face at the top of the winner’s podium. Chris Horner won the yellow jersey for the third year in a row, this year riding for Webcor Builders, his fourth team in four years.

Top Finishers:
1. Chris Horner, Webcor
2. Cesar Grajales, Jittery Joe’s, 2:02
3. Adam Bergman, Jelly Belly/Aramark, 3:36

Stage Winners:
– Prologue (5 km time trial) – Chris Horner, Webcor Builders
– Stage 1 (138 km road race) – Chris Horner, Webcor Builder
– Stage 2 (172 km road race) – Chris Horner, Webcor Builders
– Stage 3 (98 km circuit race) – Ivan Dominguez, Colavita Olive Oil
– Stage 4 (90 minute Criterium) – Alex Candelario, Jelly Belly/Aramark
– Stage 5 (142 km road race) – Charles Dionne, Webcor Builders

Team Champion: Health Net/Maxxis

WOMEN: Lyne Bessette, riding for the Quark Cycling team won the 20th Anniversary of the Redlands Bicycle Classic. Lyne previously won the event in 1999 and finished second in 2000.

Top Finishers:
1. Lyne Bessette, Quark
2. Genvieve Jeanson, Rona, 1:53
3. Christine Armstrong, Webcor Builders, 2:32

Stage Winners:
– Prologue (5 km time trial) – Genvieve Jeanson, Rona
– Stage 1 (86 km road race) – Genvieve Jeanson, Rona
– Stage 2 (129 km road race) – Lyne Bessette, Quark
– Stage 3 (68 km circuit race) – Kristin Armstrong, T-Mobile
– Stage 4 (60 minute Criterium) – Tina Pic, Genesis Scuba/FFCC
– Stage 5 (100 km road race) – Nicole Demars, Victory Brewing

Team Champion: Quark

2005 Winning Results

MEN: After winning for three consecutive years Chris Horner did not return to defend his crown. Chris Wherry of Health Net/Maxxis won this year’s yellow jersey by a narrow margin over Trent Lowe of Jittery Joe’s-Kalahari.

Top finishers:
1. Chris Wherry, Health Net/Maxxis
2. Trent Lowe, Jitter Joe’s-Kalahari, 0:07
3. Liam Kileen, California Giant/Village Peddler, 0:31

Stage Winners:
– Prologue (5 km time trial) – Chris Wherry, Health Net/Maxxis
– Stage 1 (172 km road race) – Trent Lowe, Jittery Joe’s-Kalahari
– Stage 2 (90 minute Criterium) – Juan Jose Haedo, Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home
– Stage 3 (148 lm road race) – Juan Jose Haedo, Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home

Team Champion: Team Redlands – Jelly Belly

WOMEN: Olympian and 3rd place finisher in the 2004 Redlands Bicycle Classic, Christine Thorburn riding for Webcor Builders won the yellow jersey in a tightly contested race over Kimberly Baldwin and Annette Beutler.

Top Finishers:
1. Christine Thorburn, Webcor Builders
2. Kimberly Baldwin, T-Mobile, 0:06
3. Annette Beutler, Quark, 0:07

Stage Winners:
– Prologue (5 km time trial) – Christine Thorburn, Webcor Builders
– Stage 1 (129 km road race) – Annette Beutler, Quark
– Stage 2 (60 minute Criterium) – Ina Yoko Teutenberg, T-Mobile
– Stage 3 (100 km road race) – Ina Yoko Teutenberg, T-Mobile

Team Champion: T-Mobile

2006 Winning Results

In a year of complete re-organization by the RBC committee, the 2006 Redlands Bicycle Classic was downsized to 3 tough stages, meaning racers would be fighting tooth and nail for every second earned in their quest for the overall win. As race organizers predicted, the overall was won by the winners of the tough new prologue venue, but the racing was so much harder than the 5km opening stage. The teams of the eventual winners Health Net p/b Maxxis (Men’s) and SC Velo (Women’s) used all of their respective firepower, and even had to elicit the horsepower of their GC contenders. Nathan O’Neil and Amber Neben were both isolated from all of their teammates during the grueling Sunset road stage, and had to take matters into their own hands, but each came out fighting to defended their lead all the way into downtown Redlands finish on Stage 3 to pull on the final leaders’ jersey and call themselves’ the 2006 Redlands Bicycle Classic Champion.

Stage Winners:
– Stage 1: Amber Neben (SC Velo)/Nathan O’Neill (Healthnet Maxxis)
– Stage 2: Tina Pic (Colavita/Cooking Light)/Karl Menzies (Healthnet Maxxis)
– Stage 3: Amber Neben (SC Velo)/JJ Haedo (Toyota-United)

Overall Standings – Men:
1. Nathan O’Neill (Health Net p/b Maxxis) 5.05.26
2. Chris Baldwin (Toyota-United Pro Cycling) 0.12
3. Scott Moninger (Health Net presented by Maxxis) 0.15
4. Ben Jacques-Maynes (Kodakgallery.com/Sierra Nevada) 0.19
5. Heath Blackgrove (Toyota-United Pro Cycling) 0.22

Overall Standings – Women:
1. Amber Neben (SC Velo) 4.01.08
2. Christine Thorburn (Webcor-Platinum Women’s Cycling Team) 2.22
3. Kimberly Baldwin (T-Mobile) 2.40
4. Alisha Lion (Team Kenda Tire) 3.07

2007 Winning Results

In a year that saw the return of one of the most revered courses in American racing, the Oak Glen Road stage, the 2007 Redlands Bicycle Classic had all of the top riders and teams dreaming of victory. To win Redlands was huge, but to win Redlands and have the route include Oak Glen, is legendary! And legendary it was, with three brutal climbs culminating on the mountain top finish at Oak Glen, this stage alone changed the entire overall classification. Despite many in the media, and some in the peloton sighting an open and shut case for the GC fight after Oak Glen, the race was far from over. Both overall race winners were decided not on the slopes of Oak Glen, but rather, on the roads of Redlands. The Sunset road stage again played the spoiler, keeping race leaders Mara Abott and Scott Moninger on their toes all the way to the finish, but it wasn’t to be. Both lost their coveted leaders jerseys on the final stage in the waning laps when big moves from credentialed stage racers Amber Neben and Andy Bajadali fought like gritty champions to steal the final leaders’ jersey!

Stage Winners:
– Prologue: Svein Tuft (Symmetrics)/Amber Neben (STAHL/SC Velo)
– Stage 1: Scott Moninger (BMC Racing Team)/Mara Abott (Webcor Builders)
– Stage 2: Rory Sutherland (Healthnet P/B Maxxis)/Ina-Yoko Teutenburg (T-Mobile)
– Stage 3: Rory Sutherland (Healthnet P/B Maxxis)/Kim Anderson (T-Mobile)

Overall Standings – Men:
1. Andrew Bajadali (USA) Jelly Belly Cycling Team : 9.12.55
2. Phil Zajicek (USA) Navigators Insurance Cycling Team : 0.10
3. Benjamin Jacques-Maynes (USA) Priority Health Cycling Team presented by Bissell : 0.30
4. Chris Wherry (USA) Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team : 0.58
5. Tom Peterson (USA) Team Slipstream/Chipolte : 1.00

Overall Standings – Women:
1. Amber Neben (USA) STAHL/SC Velo : 7.33.46
2. Mara Abbott (USA) Webcor Builders : 0.29
3. Katheryn Curi (USA) Webcor Builders : 3.00
4. Felicia Gomez (USA) Aaron’s Corporate Furnishings Cycling Team : 3.47
5. Leigh Hobson (Can) Team Cheerwine : 3.50

2008 Winning Results

As is tradition with the opening NRC race of the year Redlands has a reputation for debuting riders aboard their new teams in their new racing colors. This year added additional flavor when a whole new ‘in your face’ team hit the professional cycling scene. Rock Racing was using its bad boy image from it’s Rock & Republic parent company to turn heads. It was obvious that Rock wanted to make a splash and maybe more obvious that the other teams in the race were going to do everything in their power to squelch Rock’s fire! The addition of the Beaumont Circuit Race, the 2008 Redlands Bicycle Classic had a flare of the unknown, what would Beaumont do to the race for the overall title…? Blow it apart, was the answer the riders were looking for! Beaumont was where Santiago Botero of Rock Racing single handedly destroyed the field, rode away from a strong break, and rode himself into a leader’s jersey that he would never relinquish. As for the women, Beaumont narrowed the field and decanted it down to the real players. Team HighRoad with 2 girls (Anderson and Abott), Aaron’s Cat Carroll, and Webcor’s Alex Wrubleski, all had a shot as the race hit the slopes of the Sunset road stage. With its brutally difficult repetitive climbs and technical descents this stage re-shaped the final standings and gave Alex Wrubleski the chance to claim victory over the very powerful Team HighRoad duo of Abott and Anderson.

Stage Winners:
– Prologue: Rory Sutherland (Healthnet Maxxis)/Mara Abott (Team Highroad)
– Stage 1: Santiago Botero (Rock Racing)/Katharine Caroll (Aaron’s)
– Stage 2: Jeff Louder (BMC Racing Team)/ Emilia Fahlin (Team HighRoad)
– Stage 3: Alejandro Borrajo (Colavita Sutter-Home/Cooking Light)/Alex Wrubleski (Webcor)

Overall Standings – Men:
1. Santiago Botero (Rock Racing) : 8.22.43
2. Chris Baldwin (Toyota-United) : 0.54
3. Burke Swindlehurst (Bissell) : 1.06
4. Rory Sutherland (Health Net-Maxxis) : 1.26
5. Dominique Rollin (Toyota-United) : 1.40

Overall Standings – Women:
1. Alex Wrubleski (Webcor Builders) : 7.07.50
2. Mara Abbott (High Road) : 0.01
3. Katharine Carroll (Aaron’s) : 0.16
4. Leigh Hobson (Cheerwine) : 0.19
5. Kim Anderson (High Road) : 0.21

2009 Winning Results

With the Beaumont circuit race entering its second year on the books at the Redlands Classic everyone knew it would be the key stage of this edition. If a rider could win on Beaumont and had a strong team to defend the jersey on Sunset, there was a good chance you could take overall glory. BMC and Team HighRoad came to do just that. In the men’s race it was none other than Jeff Louder of Team BMC that took home the flowers on the Beaumont stage and then deployed his team to ride like ‘men possessed’ and defend his jersey on Sunset. In the women’s race it was a similar story, but a tougher fight. Ina-Yoko Teutenberg of Team HighRoad won in Beaumont, she destroyed the field. But didn’t get the leaders jersey, instead current world timetrial champion Amber Neben retained the jersey and vowed to fight to the end. Despite not having the level of team support that the Team HighRoad opposition had, Neben was vehement in her quest to retain the yellow leaders’ jersey. It was in the final sprint on Sunset that Teutenberg took enough bonus seconds to rip the coveted leaders jersey off the shoulders of Amber Neben.

Stage Winners:
– Prologue: Ben Day (Fly V Australia/Successful Living)/Amber Neben (Nurnberger-Sho-Air)
– Stage 1: Jeff Louder (BMC Racing Team)/Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (Team Columbia Highroad)
– Stage 2: Jackson Stewart (BMC Racing Team)/ Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (Team Columbia Highroad)
– Stage 3: Kyle Wamsley (Colavita Sutter-Home)/Alison Powers (Team Type 1)

Overall Standings – Men:
1. Jeff Louder (BMC Racing Team) : 8.49.03
2. Tom Zirbel (Bissell Pro Cycling) : 0.05
3. Ben Day (Fly V Australia/Successful Liv) : 0.06
4. Brent Bookwalter (BMC Racing Team) : 0.14
5. Ben Jacques-Maynes (Bissell Pro Cycling) : 0.24

Overall Standings – Women:
1. Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (Team Columbia Highroad) : 7.09.41
2. Amber Neben (Nürnberger Shoair) : 0.01
3. Alison Powers (Team Type 1) : 0.27
4. Mara Abbott (Team Columbia Highroad) : 0.41
5. Katheryn Mattis (Webcor Builders Cycling Team) : 1.04