2023 Stage 5 – Marshal Information

Redlands Bicycle Classic
Stage 5 – Sunset Road Race
Sunday, April 16, 2023
Marshal Information
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Women: 10:00am (9 laps)   –   Men 2:00pm (12 laps)


Thank you for volunteering for the Redlands Bicycle Classic. This event would not happen without generous people like yourself. Your first job is to maintain the safety of the riders, but you are also an ambassador of the Redlands Classic to the people who live in your area and who arrive at your post.

Things to bring: Chair, hat, sunscreen, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages. Once the race starts, please put away your cell phone. You must stay alert. You will be given a Race Marshal shirt to wear as your outermost garment (on top of your jacket or sweatshirt, if you are wearing one).

General directions: Never leave your post until you are released. There will be a “broom” truck or a vehicle clearly marked “Safety” that will come by to tell you that the race is over. For the most part, your job is to keep cars OFF the course and keep riders safe. Watch the course for anything that could happen to endanger a rider (cars, dogs, pedestrians, etc). When you get to your post, check for large debris on the course. You may also need to move the barricades into position, if they are not already set up. You will have to answer questions and guide people to where they want to go. Please study the map so you can provide them with an alternate route of travel. When cars must get on the course, they ALWAYS GO THE SAME DIRECTION OF THE RACE. NO EXCEPTIONS

Be polite but firm: If someone will not cooperate, wave down the police or a race committee member. If you can get the license plate of the vehicle and a description of the driver, that is even better.

Restroom breaks: Do NOT leave your post to “just run to the bathroom” unless you are relieved by a race marshal leader. If you need to go to the bathroom, please call your sector captain or the person listed at the bottom of this sheet to request someone to come and give you a break. It may take a little while, so plan ahead.

Course Information: The race starts downtown and will travel up to the Sunset loop, which is 6 miles long. The racers will often use both sides of the road. Although there will be some police vehicles, as well as race support vehicles, many riders get “strung out” across the course and they
will be unprotected, especially late in the race. In some places they will be slowly riding uphill and in others, they will be traveling over 50 MPH. KNOW YOUR LOCATION! We don’t send people downhill from the Panorama Point to Wabash, unless they live on the course in that area and need to leave. Beware of blind corners near your marshal location. There are a lot of houses on this loop with many small side streets. There are many ways to exit the Sunset loop area, but only certain key places we want to direct cars to do so. If you need help getting a car off the course, flag down an RBC motorcycle for help.

Here are some key access points, which will all be manned by police officers:
Vehicles on east Sunset will exit the course via Alta Visa.
Vehicle can cross Sunset at Wabash in both directions.
Vehicles can enter and leave the course at the fire station on Garden.

After the racers finish on the loop, they will enter the finish leg to get downtown. There will be stragglers, and cars won’t be looking for them on the other side of the road, so it is important cars do not go against the race.

Special Instructions: On a loop, cars going the wrong way are a huge issue, especially on narrow roads. We cannot cover every driveway and a resident may be leaving and forget about the race. Get them stopped in a safe, wide spot (off the course at the next street) or if safe, turn them around. Hold people at the intersection until clear of riders and let them cross or go in the direction of the race. Make sure they are aware of the event and direction it is going. Pay attention to the gaps each lap so you have an idea how much time before they come back. Lots of things happen in a bike race and an accident can change the entire look. If a car leaves a course, remind them that when they return they must enter the course above the place they want to go and follow the race to their house.

Thank you again for your commitment to the Redlands Bicycle Classic!

If you need help or have questions please call Race Marshal Sector Captain John Charbonneau @ 909-709-9323