RBC Announces 2023 “Legend” Award Winner

April 17, 2023 (Redlands, California) – The Redlands Bicycle Classic Organizing Committee has named Danny Van Haute, aka “Beast” as their “Legend” Award winner for 2023. The Classic’s tagline “Where Legends Are Born” fits Danny in a different way than most past recipients who became legendary by riding here in their early career and then moved on to greatness. Before Danny ever showed up in Redlands, he had already become a legend.

Danny Van Haute is a two-time Olympic medal winner and a six-time National Champion, with most of his 100+ wins on the track. He was a member of the United States World Team five times, and a member of the junior World’s team. When he wasn’t representing our country in red, white, and blue, he was riding in the colors of Schwinn and Team 7-Eleven.

Although Danny’s racing career is nothing short of incredible, he is best known for his role as a coach. Highlighted by his selection as an Olympic coach in 1996, Danny has been involved in the development of young cycling superstars for decades. Also in 1996, Van Haute became the Director of Team Redlands, which was an amateur cycling team that played host to the Redlands Bicycle Classic. For the next twenty-five years,
Danny brought a team to Redlands to race the Classic. His teams were a mix of young, up-and-coming riders, and seasoned veterans, which allowed America’s future stars to learn from those who had already experienced the challenges of the Redlands Classic.

If you don’t recognize the Team Redlands name from atop the podium at Redlands, that is because Team Redlands became the Jelly Belly Pro Cycling Team in 2000. One of the riders from Danny‘s Jelly Belly team won the GC at Redlands in 2007 and they took the overall Team competition 2005 and 2015. Jelly Belly’s historic, 19-year sponsorship remains the longest, continuous sponsorship of any professional, American cycling team. 

Danny remains a close friend and advisor to the staff at Redlands. His name remains atop the list of “people to call” when the Classic wants to discuss a new course, seek guidance on a rule, or propose a new idea to improve the race. Danny is the first male athlete to be awarded both of the Redlands Bicycle Classic’s historic awards. He received the prestigious Carole King Sportsmanship Award in 2014 and now the Legend Award in 2023. Danny will be at the race all week working with Cynisca Cycling Women’s Team. 
The Redlands Bicycle Classic “Legend” award was established in 2007 to honor an athlete who has embodied enduring class, sportsmanship, and character throughout their career. Created in the spirit and long traditions that make the community of Redlands historic, the “Legend” award is given to an individual who represents all the best attributes of a professional cyclist, both on and off the bike, and contributes to the sport in a positive way. Just as Redlands’ rich history is paid tribute to in historic buildings and monuments throughout the city, the Redlands Bicycle Classic has established its own monument that recognizes its history. The RBC “Legend” award symbolizes and honors the many talented individuals that have made this event truly legendary.