Racing Terminology

Breakaway: A breakaway can be one or a small group of cyclists out in front of the peleton who are attempting to distance themselves from the pursuing group.

Chase Group: This is a small group of cyclists who are out ahead of the peleton attempting to catch those in the breakaway.

Circuit Road Race: The circuit race is a multi lap race closed or contained course similar to the criterium. The circuit course is longer than a criterium course, usually 10k and has a much more difficult terrain and uses road race rules. The addition of hills brings out the talents of racers who are strong climbers and tests the physical and mental toughness of the riders. The Redlands Classic Sunset Loop Road Race on Sunday combines elements of the criterium and the circuit road race.

Climber’s Jersey: A red climber’s jersey is presented to the points leader based on points earned by the top 5 cyclists placings on designated hill climbs in different stages/races.

Criterium: A criterium is a timed race on a contained loop course around 1 to 2k, no more then 5k. It is usually a flat course with many turns to promote a fast race with lots of sprinting. The criterium course in downtown Redlands has a figure eight pattern providing increased challenges for bike handling, sprinting and strategy. These spectator friendly courses offer ample viewing opportunities.

Espire: Any cyclist between the ages of 18 and 21 is designated an espire.

Feed Zone: Cyclists may receive food and drink from team members of event staff only in the designated areas and only in road races. These designated areas are called feed zones.

Individual Winner: The winner with the lowest accumulative time including bonuses and penalties wins.

Leader’s Jersey: This is the yellow jersey presented daily to the person with the lowest accumulative time.

Peleton: This is the main pack of cyclists.

Sprinter’s Jersey: Points earned by the top 5 cyclists placings on pre-determined sprint sites on the course determines who wears the green jersey.

Stage Race: The Redlands Bicycle Classic is a stage road race. It is a multi-day timed event combining different types of races in which the competitors times for their daily finish are accumulated to determine the overall winner at the conclusion of the event. This is for team and individual. The combination of races provides a challenge that tests all the skills of the racer- bike handling, sprinting, climbing, teamwork and stamina.

Team Winner: The accumulative time of the top 3 cyclists of each team on each day determines the team winner.

Time Down: Posted results will show the cyclist’s time for a particular stage including any penalties of bonuses.

Time Trials: This is an individually timed race. Riders leave the start one at a time at predetermined intervals. In this case, 30 second intervals.

Timing: A cyclist’s time is noted when crossing the finish line. If a group of crosses the line together they all get the same time.

UCI: Union Cycliste Internationale, the governing body for all cycling in the world including the Olympics. They are based in Switzerland.

US PRO/USCF: These are branches of USA Cycling governing Pro and amateur road cycling.

USA Cycling: This is the governing body for all cycling in the United States recognized by UCI. USA Cycling is based in Colorado Springs, CO.