2023 Redlands Mile Run Winners

The 2023 Redlands Mile Run winners. Samantha Aguilar (Left) and Jake Jackson (Right).

From Samantha Aguilar:
“My name is Samantha Aguilar from Yucaipa, California. I have been passionately running and competing for at least 12 years. My running journey began while I was attending Moore Middle School in Redlands. From there I decided to join a running club called the So Cal Road Runners. I also ran Track & Field and Cross Country at Redlands East Valley High School for 4 years. Then got recruited by Cal Poly Pomona and had a great honor and privilege of competing for their Cross Country and Track & Field team for 5 years. I just graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and minor in Studio Art. The City of Redlands is so important to me because of the emphasis on great health & sports, as well as a strong running community. I am truly grateful for the support I’ve recieved over the years from family, freinds, teachers, mentors and coaches. Thanks to them, I will continue to run & compete for many years to come. Lastly I would like to thank God for blessing me with a strong mind and a healthy pair of legs, which enabled me to have a sucessful running carrier. Without his love and blessings, I would have not gotten as far as I have. However the best is yet to come. In closing I would like to thank the City of Redlands for all the opportunities and recognition awarded to me over the years and the countless memories that I will cherish forever!”

From Jake Jackson:
“I’ve been running 13 years as a way to lose weight and get healthy. Big goal this year is to run for the US 24 Hour Team at the World Championships being held in Taiwan in December. My family and I live in Loma Linda now but lived in Redlands for 3 years prior. We have 3 kids who will been attending or have graduated from Redlands High so the city has been a big part of our lives. We love running though all the beautiful streets and surrounding mountains on a daily basis. I thought the race was fantastic and something I hope will be a yearly event. I regularly run the Run Through Redlands Half Marathon and to have a mile race was a great bonus. I look forward to being apart of more running events in the future and by doing so hopefully spreading the message of how important it is to live the most healthy life possible through running and the running community.”