Carole King Sportsmanship Award

2024 Carole King Award Presentation

Sara Poidevin (center), Marc Shaw, RBC Executive Director (Left of Sara), Brian King (Carole King’s Son), and DNA Cycling
Photo: Kris Stewart

Established in 2000, the award honors the memory of Carole King, a founding member of the Redlands Bicycle Classic organizing committee. She and her family have not only been very active members of the Redlands community but have also been instrumental in the launching of many other local events.

Volunteering and community involvement were two of her strongest beliefs. In her local newspaper column she encouraged the readers to get involved and recognize those who did. As a non-profit organization, the Redlands Bicycle Classic operates under the same principles and relies on hundreds of volunteers each year.

The committee presents this award on the final day of the race to the person who best exemplifies the principle of sportsmanship in cycling and athletic competition. These are the people who inspire the committee to continue producing America’s premier bicycle race, the Redlands Bicycle Classic.


2000Alison Dunlap
2001Trent Klasna
2002Chris Horner, Lisa Peck
2003Chrissy Redden
2004Eric Wolberg
2005Christine Thorburn
2006Mark McCormack
2007Tina Pic
2008Chris Wherry
2009Amber Neben
2010Brian McCullough
2011Lisa Hunt
2012Freddie Rodriguez
2013Amber Neben
2014Danny Van Haute
2015Joy McCullough
2016Justin Stanley
2017Emmanuel Herrera
2018Paul Abrahams
2019Carlos Moleda
2022Tim Woo
2023Steve Engh
2024Sara Poidevin