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Area of most need is Marshals, without them the race cannot go on! Marshals are responsible for keeping autos off the course when bicyclists are in the vicinity, for pedestrian control and for assisting residents in reaching their destinations. Race marshal training is provided by Redlands Bicycle Classic and law enforcement personnel.

Race Marshal Coordinator Contact – racemarshals@redlandsclassic.com


Host Housing

House some or all members of a race team. Hosts provide sleeping space, use of a bathroom, and refrigerator space. Providing food is not required but a host family may offer to share meals or give the riders full use of the kitchen. (Click here for more information).

Race Housing – Robyn Purves



The committee is involved in planning all facets of the event. Attend a meeting and see where you can lend a hand. Regular meetings are held throughout the year to discuss the planning process. Contact Marc with a brief note about what you are looking to get involved with or to find out when the next meeting is being held.

Executive Director – Marc Shaw



Would you like to be involved with the Technical aspects of the Race? Logistics, permitting, setup, teardown, course fencing and signage, vehicle management and driving. Volunteer and this could lead to a future position in long-term technical planning for the event.

Technical Director – Ed Purves


Other Volunteer Opportunities

The Redlands Bicycle Classic is a 100% volunteer organization that works year-round organizing a World Class Cycling Event. The Classic has grown deep roots with families, schools and the City since it started in 1985. Today the event has become a key part of Redlands history, with 2020 marking the 36th Classic. This event has been a part of Redlands history for over one-quarter of its City-hood. The Classic reached this landmark through the energy and care of many people since 1985 and will continue to grow as long as people are willing to volunteer.

If you can fund-raise or write press releases, then the Classic needs you!

If you have been involved in bike racing, the Tech Team can use you!

If you have free time to visit cities, file forms, run errands, the Classic needs you!

Do you have a law enforcement background?

Are you good on a computer?

Are you good at writing instruction manuals?

Does your service club need a project?

Do you get stuff done?

If you are interested in working to make the Redlands Bicycle Classic even better, send an e-mail with a short note to Colleen Gamboa and we will find a spot for you. You can also send a note through the form below.


Marshal Sign-Up Form


*This form goes to the same source as the form on the Marshal Registration page. No need to submit twice if you have already signed up to volunteer through the other form.

Volunteer forms are now closed. We will re-open in Fall of 2023.




Did you just register to be a Marshal?

2023 Marshal Instructions are available below:


2023 Stage mailers are available below, for download, with course info and general traffic information: